Mobile Plant  Lubricants

Mobile Plant Lubricants

Mobile Plant  Lubricants
Mobile Plant  Lubricants

Protect against heavy shock loads, wear, corrosion and oxidization

ETS supplies a range of machine greases and multiservice lubricants in drums, bulk or small packs. The available products range from medium to high viscosity greases, containing highly effective EP packages with or without solids. Recommendations are made on the basis of OEM specifications and site-specific requirements, providing:

  • Excellent wear protection
  • Outstanding mechanical stability
  • Sealing against ingress of contaminants
  • Extension of component life (especially pins and bushes)
  • Reduction of maintenance time and cost

ETS also offers a logistic solution to customers, assisting in the delivery of bulk mobile plant lubricants in ETS tanks, drums, pails or cartridges. Our team offers strong customer support and technical backup.